Suspension Maintenance and Customising

Reactive Suspension's workshop is fitted out with the very latest tools and equipment necessary to carry out fork, shock and steering damper servicing to an extremely high standard.

We offer a range of low friction coatings for fork stanchions and shock shafts including Titanium Nitriding, and DLC coating.
We also offer a range of renovation and customising services such as, Powder Coating and Zinc Plating.

Please Contact Us for full details of our services; if it involves suspension we do it.

Dyno Testing Dyno Testing

We have an SPA 400 shock dyno for testing forks and shocks. We can test your damper untis, and supply damping graphs to show you exactly what forces they are producing.

Whether they're car dampers, mountain bike shocks or motorcycle shocks, they can all be tested on the dyno.

We also carry out diagnostic and development testing for commercial customers.

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Fork & Shock Servicing Fork & Shock Servicing

During a service the suspension units are fully disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear, fork stanchions and shock shafts are polished to remove any pitting which could damage seals, and reduce stiction. If necessary shock bodies and cartridge tubes are honed to improve sealing. The components are measured for correct tolerances and the units assembled using the finest lubricants available.

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Steering Damper Servicing Steering Damper Servicing

The most common problem we see with Ohlins steering dampers is air in the damper. With heavy use air can be dragged in through the seals, collecting in the damper body. Air creates lag in the damper so the bars can move quite a long way before enough damping is generated to slow the movement.

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Coatings Coatings

We offer a range of low friction coatings that can be applied to steel motorcycle fork tubes and shock shafts to reduce stiction and improve their wear characteristics. These coatings are extremely thin (2.5 microns) and need to be applied to a good surface finish, being a thin coating they won't repair any corrosion, scores or stone chips. Damaged or corroded tubes would need to be replaced or re-chromed first before they could be coated.

Unfortunately we don't have any coating that can be applied to Aluminium Mountain Bike fork stanchions.

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Titanium Nitride Coating Titanium Nitride Coating

Titanium Nitride Coating is a very hard (2500 HV), low friction gold coating that can be applied to fork stanchions and shock shafts. It has a higher hardness rating than hard chrome giving a greater wear resistance and is a self lubricating, non-stick surface with a coefficient of friction of 0.65, it will reduce the stiction in the suspension components leading to a faster response time.

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Diamond Like Coating Diamond Like Coating

Diamond Like Coating is an extremely hard (3500HV) black coating that can be applied to fork stanchions and shock shafts that is harder still than Titanium Nitride. With a coefficient of friction of 0.1 it is the lowest friction coating available improving suspension action considerably.

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Replacement Fork Stanchions Replacement Fork Stanchions

We supply high quality replacement fork tubes for a wide range of motorcycles which usually offer a great saving over the cost of standard original equipment items.

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Powder Coating Powder Coating

Whilst your suspension is being serviced we can powder coat the shock spring to make your shock look like new, the sliders on conventional forks can be coated, as can the feet on upside down forks to improve the bikes appearance.

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Shock Body Plating Shock Body Plating

The zinc plating used on many steel shock bodies is sacrificial, i.e. it corrodes first preventing the shock body from corroding. We can re-plate the bodies to restore your shock to an as new condition preventing further damage to the shock body and greatly improving the appearance of the shock.

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