Shock Servicing

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Motorcycle Suspension School Shock Servicing.

Motorcycle Suspension School, Shock Servicing Course.

Whilst people are generally happy to tackle fork servicing the thought of stripping shocks can be intimidating. On the shock servicing course students learn how the different designs of shock operate, and the function of the individual components inside. They then strip and rebuild shocks themselves to learn the practical skills of professional shock servicing.

Course content: Shock Servicing

    • Shock design and operation.
    • A full analysis of individual shock components and function.
    • The correct tooling for service procedures.
    • How to strip and service standard and aftermarket shocks.
    • Measuring and recording shim stacks.

      Who is the course for?

      • Home mechanics who would like to maintain their own shocks.
      • Racers and track day riders.
      • University students.
      • Dealers and service centres that wish to offer an advanced suspension service to their customers.

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